Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sewing + Packing=The Anti-blog

I have been away for a energies have been going toward a variety of things-loving on my kids, surviving without my husband (he is working 6 nights a week and sleeping days until April), and housekeeping. But my outlet that used to be blogging and reading has been replaced with sewing and packing over the last couple of months. We are moving so this was the kids' last week at their preschool up here in Los Osos and Cubbies, but they will be starting at new locations in a couple of weeks.
Okay, here are a few things I have made: now, I am not big on patterns, I use them sometimes, but tweak them because the work of others that I appreciate and am impressed with the most is that which they have truly created themselves, have become overwhelming frustrated with, yet have an original amazing finished product. I also usually end up liking what I make without a pattern better than that which I follow a pattern on...I have no idea why.

I have never liked to follow directions...when I took piano growing-up I played by ear and despised the sheet music. When I play guitar, I play by ear. When Brad tells me what to pick up for him at the store, I add to it (and sometimes take away!).
As you can see I have mainly focused on clothing...and I LOVE working with knits. They are so forgiving and you don't have to hem as much!
Also more news, Kaitlin is fully potty-trained! She is even sleeping in undies and waking up dry in the morning! Three down, one to go!
I also have to say that I have the greatest husband in the world; he works so hard for our family and even when he is dead-tired he has been the greatest dad and hubby using every reserve of energy that he has left.

**You may have to click on the picture to see it better-sorry

Mermaids & sea creatures
I make her clothes, yet she still prefers THIS outfit the most

{ them}

Our storage POD/kids' new temporary playhouse, for moving down to Arroyo Grande (20 minutes away) next weekend!

Friday, January 9, 2009

You may remember this little girl from august...

well, she is back, or rather should i say that her mommy is now ready for the task she provided me with when she was 22 months old. We are very proud of Kaitlin because she has been potty-training super-fast since Saturday and is loving it! she even woke up dry from her nap today (in undies!!)
Yay Kaitlin! (yay for me too because it was me she was waiting for and i have come around!)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

things i don't give a second thought to...

but then realize later that it probably is a little strange. (but what is "strange" anyways??) I have walked past my girls' bedroom five or six times just today and the fan is going, so I have turned it off each time, but without even thinking, in fact, I have assumed that I have never turned it off since they woke up this morning (but I think this each time and think that I most certainly am losing it!). Until the last time, when I went in and turned it off while they were playing in there, and they LET ME KNOW that they need the fan on. I asked why and Jaeda replied, "Because our babies are sleeping, why ELSE would we have the fan on!??" (a bit sassy, I know)

You see, since the womb (b/c I sleep with a fan in our room as well) they have slept with a fan on in the bedroom for white noise. Our family is all about security, blankies, fingers in mouths, whatever soothes the soul (or babies screaming!). So they would NEVER put their babies down for a nap without a fan on! Oh, the monsters we create. (and I mean monsters in the sweetest way :).

Monday, November 17, 2008

Signing in to say Goodbye...

...just for a week. A week that I am hoping is filled with change, vision, new routine, clarity, and insight. I am taking a week off from things I rely on everyday... computer, Starbuck's, and books (my books that is, however I will be reading the Bible of which I have not been good at lately, and you can count on that I will still be reading Dr. Suess :). I will expound when I come back...and I will miss you in blogland! But I know the calling will be worth the sacrifice. Have a wonderful week friends!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

I made it my goal to have Christmas shopping finished before Thanksgiving this year so that we could relax and enjoy both holidays without having to be exposed to our indulgent "society" during it's peak time of year. I have succeeded and am relieved to have it out of the way! It makes me cringe when my kids see a commercial on TV and say, "Look, Mommy, I want that!" which is why we eliminated commercials a long time ago.
I read an article recently in a magazine that I receive from MOPS which talked about resisting the urge to go to toy stores with your children (including on focusing on toys, etc at everyday stores like Wal Mart) in order to allow room for the Lord to embed the real meaning of Christmas in their hearts and minds (my interpretation). We are still implementing and innovating Christmas traditions for our family, and being intentional about "living" the real reason that we celebrate is our goal this year. Have a great weekend!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Punkin Wunkin

Jaeda coloring her pumpkin

Brice is a pumpkin head!

Taylor very busy!

So much fun!!

Some results!!

What an amazing pumpkin carving day we had today! Our cousins came up and we made pumpkin muffins from scratch, and then colored and carved pumpkins together! It was very fun. Does anyone know of a pumpkin carving kit that is heavy-duty? I purchased one that we used today and it lasted for JUST that long! We do lots with pumpkins so it would be awesome to have a kit that lasts :) These are two of the patterns that are in the book we used...Aunt Stefi cut these out.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McDonald's has icecream?

AMAZINGLY enough, my four year-old son who knows everything DID NOT know that mcd's serves icecream...until tonight. We decided to surprise the kids and drive over to Morro Bay tonight for icecream after dinner. As we were walking in and we told them what we were doing, Jaeda clapped, Kaitlin said, "frice fream!," and Brice (who has eaten at mcdonald's several times) said, "I don't think they have icecream here." I couldn't believe it, but am so thankful for the fun and precious reaction of the kids when they discover something new and exciting! This is Addie wearing a bathingsuit that Aimee bought for her before she was born, but it is almost too cold to wear, so I had to snap a shot of her! Isn't she simply irresistible?